Bay Street Deconstructed® is an exciting new educational program for Grade 10 girls and boys described by The Toronto Star as a workshop to “fuel youth’s interest in the financial industry”.


With a differentiated approach of fun and interactive experiential learning, Bay Street Deconstructed® focuses on the areas of personal and commercial banking, corporate and investment banking, sales and trading, equity research, economics, insurance, investment management (wealth and asset), and operations.


Our innovative program structure was developed by a team of professionals and designed to address gaps in current high school courses and existing industry initiatives with respect to financial services career education.


“Our students applied their critical thinking in competitive and collaberative challenges that sparked ongoing conversationss in theclassroom throughout the year.  Students had fun during the day and some teachers wanted to make the program a mandatory part of the Grade 10 curriculum.”


            - Alex Shum,

              Head of Mathematics,






“Regardless of your eventual  careerpath, financial literacy is a critical life skill.  It's important to start early in life so you will be well prepared for the future with the knowledge, skills, and confidence  to makesound financial  decisions aboutyour money. That is why programs like Bay Street Deconstructed® are great to support youth.”


        - Jane Rooney,

          Financial Literacy Leader of Canadae

2014 Pilot Launch Video

“The Bay Street Deconstructed® program exposed my students to new terms, concepts, and role models.  Students had an interactive day and walked away learning more about the financial industry and thinking about possible future careers that they never knew about before.”


            - Karthiga Dharmananda,

              Business/Math Teacher,

              John Polanyi Collegiate Institute