About BSD

Bay Street Deconstructed is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to preparing students for their futures through a better understanding of:

What financial services are

How they will need many financial services, both personally and in business

What careers are available within one of Canada’s strongest employment sectors, including resources to help them pursue a particular career path.

The program was developed for Grade 10 girls and boys, with a priority of reaching students with diverse cultural backgrounds in less affluent areas.

As an Educational Programming Partner of the TDSB, many curriculum learning outcomes are covered from:

Career Studies

Financial Literacy

Business Studies

Bay Street Deconstructed is a 75 minute live and interactive virtual educational workshop, designed by educators and industry experts for an entire cohort of Grade 10 students.

Professionally facilitated in real-time, the workshop is a complete educational program and offers embedded assessment tools for teachers.

The program is structured for remote, in-classroom, as well as combination learning environments.

Students are provided handy resource materials, enjoy interactive activities, and compete in our fun and fast-paced ‘Show Me The Money’ game to learn about 10 areas

  • Personal Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Trading
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance
  • Research
  • Economics
  • Operations (includes IT, Risk Management, Corporate Security, Legal, Compliance, Marketing)

History of the Program

Eileen Jurczak came up with the idea for Bay Street Deconstructed in 2013, after attending a high school mentoring event. 
She was frustrated that the students were simply unaware of the many different and interesting careers available in Financial Services. 
Motivated to do something about it, Eileen researched existing programs in the market and confirmed that no one else was offering a program like Bay Street Deconstructed, both in terms of its content, as well as its differentiated approach of fun and interactive learning. 
From there, Eileen assembled a team of professionals with a broad base of skills and experience in both education and the finance industry to help develop an innovative program structure, with effective and relevant content.
The program is designed to address gaps in current high school courses and existing industry initiatives with respect to financial services education.    
By delivering the program to an entire class of Grade 10 students, and not just those few students who self-selected to attend the program, Bay Street Deconstructed reaches the many students who know little to nothing at all about the industry.   


Program Pilot

Bay Street Deconstructed Launches Pilot Program




Bay Street Deconstructed incorporated as a non-profit organization



Official launch at John Polanyi Collegiate Institute

Featuring a panel discussion with Jane Rooney, the Financial Literacy Leader of Canada, Terry Campbell (CEO of the Canadian Bankers Association) and Jan De Silva (CEO of the Toronto Region Board of Trade). 



First year of scaled up operations

Reaching thousands of students in schools across the GTA.



National launch

Reaching students in Vancouver, Calgary and Halifax, as well as across Ontario. 



National expansion

Montreal (deliveries on hold due to COVID-19)


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